EB Meyrowitz

EB Meyrowitz

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E.B. Meyrowitz has been the world’s foremost purveyor of luxury optical goods for over 145 years. Drawing on its rich history of traditional craftsmanship and exquisite design the atelier visions and furnishes the finest bespoke eyewear steeped in timeless elegance and style. Comprised of the finest master craftsmen and budding apprentices, E.B. Meyrowitz holds a wealth of experience in the ranks of its artisans. With an unmatched commitment to the discipline of frame making, a philosophy has not only been created and upheld but handed down through the generations. Catered to each and every ocular need – from the initial consultation to the collection of the finished set of frames – clients are expected to feel as proud as the Griffin, the emblem of E.B. Meyrowitz, as he resides over his very own spectacles.