Kirby Allison
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London Collective is delighted to receive the support and encouragement of men’s writer, creative and critic, Kirby Allison as we recommence our US adventures. Kirby has long been a staunch supporter and advocate for our craftsmanship.

Kirby Allison is dedicated to helping the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes while discovering the world of quality, craftsmanship, and tradition. Kirby’s fundamental philosophy is that less is more and that thoughtful investment in quality articles of clothing can yield a lifetime of enjoyment.

Dressing well, taking care of one’s clothing, and shining one’s shoes are not about looking fancy or dandyism. It is about taking ourselves seriously and putting our best feet forward as we go out into the world to do meaningful work.

Kirby Allison shares his passion for quality, craftsmanship, and tradition on our YouTube Channel, where he publishes daily shoeshine tutorials and documentaries on some of the world’s leading and most passionate artisans.