Edward Sexton

Edward Sexton

Since co-founding Nutters Of Savile Row in 1969, Edward Sexton has transcended the bounds of Savile Row tailoring with his dramatic, masculine cut and impeccable quality. For more than 50 years his trademark sweeping lapels and architectural lines have continued to evolve and are just as relevant for all walks of life and occasions today. A true master craftsman, Edward continues to make fine tailoring relevant, practical and timeless.

The house’s signature Knightsbridge Bespoke service is the pinnacle of handmade tailoring, requiring in excess of 100 hours of hand-work per suit, while Offshore Bespoke tailoring offers a bespoke paper pattern, exceptional quality, style and excellent value.


Budd Shirtmakers

Budd Shirtmakers is a British institution and quintessential men’s haberdashery, established in 1910. It is a bastion of London’s bespoke shirtmaking tradition, with shirts hand cut by an expert on-site team using traditional techniques.

In addition to bespoke shirts, Budd also offers an excellent Custom shirt service as well as ready to wear collections for business, dress and casual wear. Shirts are made by hand at the company’s own workshop in Hampshire. Budd works with the finest mills across Europe to offer an exceptional choice of cloths, alongside the company’s exclusive Irish linens and iconic, long established, Budd stripe.

Budd is one of the world’s best recognised purveyors of Formalwear shirting and accessories too, specialising in waistcoats for black and white tie occasions, bows, dress shirts and other accoutrements.

Beyond its haberdashery and clothing for day and evening, Budd has an exceptional reputation for its nightwear, producing its gowns, nightshirts and pyjamas in London and the South of England.


EB Meyrowitz

E.B. Meyrowitz

E.B. Meyrowitz has been the world’s foremost purveyor of luxury optical goods for over 145 years. Drawing on its rich history of traditional craftsmanship and exquisite design the atelier visions and furnishes the finest bespoke eyewear steeped in timeless elegance and style. Comprised of the finest master craftsmen and budding apprentices, E.B. Meyrowitz holds a wealth of experience in the ranks of its artisans. With an unmatched commitment to the discipline of frame making, a philosophy has not only been created and upheld but handed down through the generations. Catered to each and every ocular need – from the initial consultation to the collection of the finished set of frames – clients are expected to feel as proud as the Griffin, the emblem of E.B. Meyrowitz, as he resides over his very own spectacles.


Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling is a unique shoe company. Founded in 2006 by Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling, it has become the most innovative and versatile shoemaker in England, combining handcrafting and manufacturing skills to put itself at the top of both the bespoke and benchmade industries. Tony and Dean worked for a variety of bespoke makers, designers and manufacturers before coming together to launch Gaziano & Girling. Their aim was to bring a new look and quality standard to a sometimes somnolent industry, with fresh designs in bespoke and both greater handwork in their benchmade shoes. The result is beautifully made footwear that suits men both young and old, conservative and contemporary. Traditional English models are updated with touches of continental flair – in the shape of the last, the finesse of the waist and sharp designs – that together raise a functional shoe into a work of art.